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Google recently launched a “similar items” section on the mobile web and android search app. Using machine learning, Google is hoping to help users find where to purchase things contained within images.

Imagine looking up something on Google image search like a standing desk. When you found a image you particularly like, you might see things like headphones or a glass for water. The idea is that Google would see objects contained within the image.

An image of a desk

Object Recognition

Object recognition has been around for quite some time now, getting its first major market release with the Google Glass. Google Image search featured a similar thing allowing you to search by image finding similar images. Google Goggles app was also a mainstream launch into the field. Now, with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8, when in the camera app, you can call up the assistant who then can recognize the objects that you are looking up and find relevant results on Google.

Overall, it’s an interesting feature that will help everyone who is using Google Image Search. Yet for Google, it is another form of advertising as they try to build up their shopping platform.

Read more on Google’s Webmaster blog:

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