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Social media is a great place to find networks and tools that can help boost your business success. Effectively using social media marketing can boost your web traffic and increase your online presence. More benefits of social media marketing include reaching your targeted audience and bringing in more cash.

Traditional Advertising

The world is changing rapidly. Traditional marketing methods are slowly becoming outdated. Old advertising methods, like television, radio, and newspaper, just aren’t working like they used to. The results of traditional advertising consistently decrease, while the cost of those advertising increase at almost the same rate. This fact alone makes it really difficult for businesses to have effective advertising; businesses can lose their margins easily by investing and receiving very little in return.

social media marketing

However, there is one traditional marketing method that still works today: networking. In the past, networking was done by going out and talking with people face-to-face. But, in recent years, networking experienced a radical change. That change was social media. Social media instantly took local networking to potential global networking. Involvement in this global network of communication is an incredible opportunity for any business.

Strangers to Customers

The first step in social media marketing, is to find “friends” among the sea of millions of strangers. In the book Permission Marketing, Seth Godin focuses on turning strangers into friends and friends into customers. He gives us advice on how to do that in today’s world.

He calls old, traditional advertising interruption marketing. People don’t like interruptions—Especially in today’s world. In fact, people are so used to interruptions, like commercials, that they automatically tune them out, turn them off, or skip over them. Don’t use interruption marketing. It doesn’t work.

Instead, Godin advises us to use permission based marketing, which is “an opportunity to volunteer to be marketed to,” (Permission Marketing). Through social media “follow” and “likes,” people can choose to receive and see your “advertisements.” Instead of you looking for them, they look for you.

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When users follow or like your page, they turn from strangers to friends. “Friends,” in this case, people that we regularly communicate with. When they decide to follow your page, your posts will appear on their home page. As followers gain trust in the business or brand through regular communication and acknowledgement, they will become customers.

Do Your Research

Before jumping right into social media marketing, it’s important to do a basic company analysis and redefine your target market. First, research which social media sites your target market regularly uses and spends the most time on.

social media marketing

Find the Social Media Platform your Target Market Uses.

For example, if I were targeting businesses in general, I would want to start by focusing on and LinkedIn. If I want to target specifically adolescents, I may focus on Instagram, or even Snapchat. If I want to focus on young families, maybe I would target Facebook.

Start with a couple strong social media platforms for your target market. Later, it will be easy to gradually add other social media sites.


I cannot emphasize enough that is it critical to posting relevant, unique and valuable content. Remember, people don’t want to be interrupted with advertisements. They don’t want to read posts on their news feed that don’t relate to them or are dull, or follow pages with those same characteristics. If your content on social media does not meet these 3 requirements (relevant; unique; valuable), you are wasting your time.

So, find out what content your target market is interested in and create and share content based on that subject. For example, Herschel Supply Company is a company that sells travel bags. On their social media, instead of posting advertisements of their handbags every time, most of their posts are full of content about travel destinations, which their followers love. You can check out their success on their Facebook Page. They are a great example of how to post relevant content to your target market.

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