YouTube is a video platform with endless reach. If you have a business, it is an effective platform to introduce your products, services or mission to your audience. A strong YouTube presence can lead to more traffic and find the right audience. However, to achieve real success you need to know how to optimize the different features of your YouTube videos.

What is YouTube video optimization? It is more than just creating a great video and uploading it to YouTube. There are important factors that need to be done for the video to get the best results.

YouTube video optimization is about having a great metadata. Just a few small tweaks to some features of your YouTube video will make a big impact on its view count. Here are some optimizations you can apply for your videos to drive more views and get more exposure.

Optimize YouTube with Titles

Optimize YouTube Titles, Tags and Description For Your Video


Optimize YouTube Titles For Your Videos

It is the most important piece of metadata that you can tweak and in the process get better results. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your video title to improve your results.

  • Identify the best keyword phrase for your channel. Research keyword phrases and identify one particular phrase that you should target.
  • Add the exact keyword phrase to your video title. This will make your title highly relevant and will drive more views. YouTube pays attention to relevancy which is very important to the algorithms they use to display videos.
  • Targeting one keyword, in the beginning, will more likely allow your video to rank for that one particular phrase.
  • You can enhance your video by adding a few more keywords to better describe the message of your video.

Optimize Your Tags and Video Description

You can further optimize your YouTube tags and video description with the exact match keyword phrase that you are targeting.

Create YouTube tags based on relevant keywords. Here are some tips on finding related keyword phrases that you can use:

  • Utilize the YouTube search bar. Enter the particular keyword phrase or a similar phrase on the search bar. Related and suggested keyword phrases will appear and they are all highly relevant. From the selection, you may pick the appropriate tags to use. Add several YouTube related phrases as tags.
    • You can also add more tags by identifying more related phrases that may be slightly different but still very related and relevant to your original keyword phrase.
  • Your video description should contain the primary keyword phrase. Thoughtful use of your keyword phrase the description can help users find your video. However, it is important that you do not overuse it to avoid keyword stuffing on the description.

As a reminder, do not put tags in the description. Tags have their own section and should only be placed there. They are not meant to be placed in the description and placing tags in your video description will not do any good. Tag-stuffing may cause your video to be taken down.

Give Time For Your Videos to Gain Views

Wait and allow your video to drive views, collect data and rank in the search engine. Allowing time to get this important information will help you assess the various keyword phrases in your YouTube analytics. This helps in identifying other keyword phrases that are getting better results.

As your video gains more views, you eventually get other elements of the ranking algorithm play in the process. These include important elements like accumulated watch time and retention.

Later on, as your video gets more watch time, you may enhance your video by adding more keyword phrases. This will help your video rank well not only on relevancy but also on irrelevancy in addition to accumulated watch time. This is a very effective strategy that will allow your video to be seen by your audience.

The metadata of your video, the title, tags, and description plays an important part when you optimize YouTube. These are all tied together in algorithms and optimizing these features will get your video the results you want.

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