Why is Website Security Important?

Many people lack awareness in the importance of website security. A common misconception of business owners is to think that their website is safe, because hackers wouldn’t care about to mess with a small business. However, hackers are always looking for vulnerable websites.

website securityYour website is your online storefront. Not having a secure website is like not locking your doors and shutting off your surveillance cameras. It literally opens the door to hackers and thieves. It’s critical to protect your customers’ information, especially if you have an eCommerce site where customers have entered their credit card numbers.

A secure website will establish trust between you and your customers. If your website is secure, customers can be assured that their information will stay safe from hackers, and they will more freely provide their information online when necessary.

Tips for Creating a Secure Website

  1. Manage and change passwords regularly
  2. Keep computers and mobile devices free from malware
  3. Enroll in security service or install security plugins
  4. Install regular software updates
  5. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP by getting a SSL Certificate
  6. Use parameterized queries
  7. Be cautious when allowing consumers to upload files
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