So, you have a form on your website that’s trying to send a G-Suite email address, but they’re just not getting it.

The form sends to other email addresses just fine.  It even sends out to other gmail accounts. It just doesn’t send to the g-suite accounts that end in with the website’s domain name.

Weird, right?

If this is you, keep reading: because I’ve found a super simple fix to an otherwise bewildering problem.

Why I Wrote This:

The other day I was helping a client who wasn’t receiving emails from their forms.  I had them check their spam, and ran through all the usual tests.

The form sent to my email without problem.  I had them try some other accounts and it worked fine there too.  But every email ending in the customer’s domain name didn’t work.

What’s going on here?

I was stumped until I came across a forum thread that explained, if a website host already provides email hosting, the website will send email to the internal email server, even if there’s an MX Record telling it to go to G-Suite.

An example…

Say you have a form on that sends an email to, that’s not being delivered (because it’s sending to the internal email server instead of honoring the MX record).

Where I found the solution?

Eventually I found a forum thread with a useful but obscure trick that ensures the email gets sent to G-Suite’s servers.

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After I was done helping the client, I realized I might have trouble finding that information again.  So I wrote this guide mainly for myself, but also for anyone else who might run into the same problem.

The Solution:

The workaround is to append to the end of the email.
In other words, send to instead of joe@DOMAIN.COM. This will ensure the email is sent to Google’s Emails servers instead of the web-host’s email servers.

Append to your email address to ensure it’s delivered to G-Suite’s email server.

What do you think?  Was this tip helpful?  Let us know in the comments below…


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