Session Description

Creating a Google® Sitemap can be a vital piece of your efforts to be successful online. Your website benefits from creating and submitting a Sitemap because it tells Google® about all the content on your website, including images, videos, mobile, software source code and URLs that are not easily detected by Google’s® normal crawling course.

A Sitemap can also be used to gather additional information about the updates and changes done to your website. The data you provide in your Sitemap is very important in order for Google® to learn about all the pages in your website and its structure. Creating and submitting a Sitemap will allow Google® to crawl or index all your pages in your website and URLs as well.

With this video training from Launch2Success, you will understand what a Sitemap is and how your website will benefit from having one configured and submitted to Google®. This video also gives a demonstration on how to prepare your site with the EZ-PageManager and how to submit your sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools®.

Table of Contents

Video – Part 1

Introduction — Bruce Eckman — 0:31
About Google Site Map — 1:50
About Google Sitemap — 3:01
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — 6:32
Concept of Google Sitemap — 7:51
2 Steps to do with the Google Sitemap — 8:53
Step 1: Prepare Your Site — 9:54
Setting up a site using EZ-PageManager —10:51

Video – Part 2

Setting up a site using EZ-PageManager (cont.) — 0:16
Editing meta tags — 2:55
Editing page options — 11:21

Video – Part 3

Editing page options (cont.) — 0:16
Step 2: Connect to Google– 2:49
Editing page options — 11:21
Brief overview of Google webmaster tools — 10:00

Video – Part 4

Brief overview of Google webmaster tools (cont.) — 0:16
EZ-NetUniversity — 1:13
Q&A session — 11:21