When teaching clients how to update their website, I frequently hear the question “Is there a manual for WordPress?”

1. WordPress Core Manual

The folks at easywpguide.com has a written book, and an Online Manual.  There is an extensive Table of Contents, covering WordPress’s core features.

It’s geared toward beginners, and is a useful reference, when you want to understand the various settings and options that come with WordPress.

Manuals are great, but they can be a bit overwhelming.  So I put together a video tutorial, and a written Quick Start Guide help help people get started…

2. Get Started Video

3. Written Quick Start Guide

1. Go to your website and type /login at the end of your domain.screenshot of address bar where /login has been added to the end of the domain.


2. Type in your Username and Password, and click Login
3. Click Pages (on the left)Large Screenshot of the WordPress Dashboard.

4. Click on the page you wish to edit (for example, the “About” page)screenshot of pages menu in WordPress.

Fantasy Novel: Badgerblood Awakening book standing on stone floor.

Looking For An Exciting Fantasy Adventure?

Meet your newest fandom.

5.  For simple pages (like this About page) you can make text edits just like you would in any text editor.  Then click Update (on the right) to save your changes.screenshot highlighting the blue Update button in WordPress.

6. To see what the page looks like, click View Page (at the top).

7. To make more changes, click Edit Page (at the top).

That’s it.  Those are the super simple basics of editing a website.


4. WooCommerce Guide

If you have an E-Commerce website, you’ll need to know how to use WooCommerce.

4A. Official Instructions

You can read their official instructions at docs.woocommerce.com.

4B. Video Tutorial (How To Add Products)

If you’d like to read a written version of this tutorial read our “How to Add Product Options in WooCommerce” guide.

5. Elementor Guides

Elementor is a drag-n-drop page editor, that makes it easy to create complex layout on your WordPress website.

Official Documentation

You can read the official instructions for Elementor at docs.elementor.com.


6. Basic Blogging

You can build entire websites in WordPress, but you can also use it for basic blogging.




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