Session Description

Perhaps you have heard about Podcasts and RSS feeds and you are wondering what these marketing tools do and what value can they provide for your online business. Understanding the basics of Podcasting and RSS marketing can be a great addition to your internet marketing arsenals. Learning how to use these marketing tools effectively can help improve your online business.

This video training from Launch2Success will help you learn more about Podcasting and RSS marketing and what you can do to utilize these tools effectively to further enhance your internet marketing efforts. Pay close attention to some crucial tips to a successful Podcast or RSS feed.

Table of Contents

Video – Part 1

Introduction — Bruce Eckman 2:15
Basic understanding about Podcasting and RSS 3:55
The difference between downloading and streaming 4:53
How Podcasting works 8:44
The difference between RSS Feed and Podcast 10:54

Video – Part 2

The evolvement of podcast 0:17
5 keys to a successful Podcast or RSS Feed 3:17
Success tip #1 3:29
Success tip #2 4:39
Success tip #3 6:12
Success tip #4 7:27
Success tip #5 8:27
Creating a podcast or RSS feed 9:46


Video – Part 3

What you need in creating a podcast:
Recording Equipment 0:28
Editing Software 4:14
Publishing Tools 7:26
Hosting 12:00


Video – Part 4

What’s going to be hot and cool in the future 0:16
Video streaming players 3:28
Q&A 9:28