Marketing can be a very complex world. In an effort to solve the complexities of marketing, companies see opportunities to solve these issues by providing products that range from content management systems to search engine optimization tools.

What is a marketing stack?

A Marketing Stack is a group of tools (typically technologically based) that helps marketers to plan, implement and revise their marketing efforts. These tools can range from the simple to the complex, and are typically provided by other companies.

Take a look at these marketing stacks.

Marketing Stacks might include

  • Awareness Tools – These tools are typically your first contact with a customer. Places like Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising with targeted advertising are perfect at getting your brand infront of a targeted audience.
  • Website Tools – These tools are things like the EZ-NetTools website builder, and WordPress.
  • Lead Conversion Tools – This may be your website or things that help to take leads from leads to prospects.
  • Email marketing Tools – Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach your customers on a regular basis. Using tools like Mailchimp and Sendwithus can help your email marketing to become more effective.
  • Re-marketing Tools – LinkedIn, Facebook and Google all feature Re-marketing capabilities.
  • CRM’s – While hundreds programs exist, we use Bitrix24 because of its low cost and availability.
  • Analytics Tools – Google Analytics, FullStory and others can help you know what your website traffic is doing and help you understand why.

While there isn’t a one size fits all marketing stack for your business, many companies offer a bundle of products that can help you complete a large part of the picture.

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