Have you ever been frustrated that Google doesn’t give you a simple place you can send customers to read your reviews?

When Google overhauled Google Plus, they killed most of the features that were useful to businesses, including the ability to show your customer reviews.

For a while we found this vexing, and we struggled to find a reliable way to add a links to our clients websites so their visitors could read their reviews.  We tried linking to Google maps, but found this didn’t work reliably on mobile devices.  However, after some experimentation and testing we eventuality found a suitable solution.

In this article I’ll explain how we add links to your Google Reviews, and also show you how make a direct link where customers can leave a Google Review.

The (Current) Best Way To Link to Your Google Reviews From Your Website

Step 1.  Open a browser, but don’t use Chrome.  You can use Firefox, or Edge, or even Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome because it alters the URL and your link will not work correctly.

Step 2. Go to Google.com and search for your company’s name.

Step 3. Find the card on the right and click “View All Google Reviews”

Step 4. Copy the URL in the address bar.

Step 5. Now paste the URL as a link on your website.

That’s it.  You now have a link to your Google Reviews so you can show off how much your customers love you!


If you don’t see the card on the right when you search for your company name, try to make your search more specific.  Sometimes companies that have generic names won’t have their card show up in the search results.

Bonus Tip: Add A Link to Let Customer Leave A Google Review

It’s nice to let visitors see your reviews, but if you want a good way to get more review, try adding a link for that as well.  Here’s how…

  1. Just like before, open a browser (not Chrome) and search for your company name.

2. Click the “Write a review” button.

3. The the URL.  Simple as that.

Bonus Tip #2: Add Google Reviews Directly To Your Website

Adding links to your Google reviews is nice, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could show your Google reviews right on your website?

We thought so too, so we wrote a simple guide to displaying Google Reviews on your website.  It’s been overwhelming successful and it one of our most popular guides.


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