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Landing pages and mini sites are useful keys to your internet marketing strategy. They are used to propel your website and gain more customers. There are different terms used for these pages so the first thing that you should know is the exact definition of a landing page.

In order to create effective landing pages for your main website, you will need to set your objective and make a clear and convincing call to action. You will also need to provide sufficient information, implement proper placement of a form, simple and short navigation, and build trust with your potential new customers.

This Launch2Success video training will cover the critical elements of effective landing pages and mini sites. You will see some good examples of landing pages and suggestions to help you make your own, effective landing page or mini site for your online business.

Table of Contents

Video – Part 1

Introduction — Bruce Eckman — 2:20
What is a Landing Page? — 3:42
Define your objective — 6:23
Call to Action — 7:27
Examples of landing pages — 9:06


Video – Part 2

Examples of landing pages (cont.) — 0:16
6 Suggestions of Making an Effective Landing Page
Suggestion #1: Keep the call-to-action above the fold! — 1:55
Suggestion #2: Not too much copy! — 4:45
Suggestion #3: Form on the top right! — 7:00
Suggestion #4: No navigation!?! — 8:32


Video – Part 3

Suggestion #4: No navigation!?! (cont.) — 0:16
Suggestion #5: Build Trust! — 2:01
Suggestion #6: Test! Test! Test! — 9:45

Fantasy Novel: Badgerblood Awakening book standing on stone floor.

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Video – Part 4

Suggestion #6: Test! Test! Test! (cont.) — 0:16
Things that can help build trust — 6:28

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