Internet Marketing can be a tough thing to get into. Nearly every business model that I can think of would benefit from Internet Marketing in some form or another. The problem is, if you don’t start controlling your presence, other companies and people will control it for you.

Here are some simple steps to start marketing your business online.

Essential Steps (Phase 1)

  1. Perform a Google Search on your business. Try searching for your business using a variety of different ways. “[Business Name] in [City & State]” or “[Business Name] [ Service Provided]”.
  2. Find your business on Google or on Facebook, and claim the listings that likely exist. This will require a social media account. Typically, listings are auto-generated by Facebook or Google. They give you options to claim them, so that way you can manage them.
  3. If your listing doesn’t exist, you will need to sign up for social media and create the listings. Most social media accounts make individuals sign up for a personal account, then you can create a business page and profile from a personal account.
  4. Make sure you create a listing on Google. Here’s how. Remember to keep track of all of your passwords, as they will be important to access the accounts again in the future. Google Chrome will save passwords for you, but you will need to have a Chrome Profile that is associated with a Google account.
  5. Build out the pages as much as possible by putting in photographs, hours, and your businesses information.
  6. Set up a website. Here’s how. A website is quite literally the online storefront of your business. You can perform transactions on it, change how it looks and works. Websites are valued as a real asset when selling a business, so don’t shortchange yourself and forgo making one.
  7. Once you have your website and you have made listings for your business on Facebook and Google, you are well on your way towards marketing your business online! 

Where the Marketing Begins (Phase 2)

Now that you have made some assets and listings for your business, you can start to manipulate the way that it appears. Marketing is often considered the practice of changing the perception of those around you.

  1. Think about your products and customers. How do they find you? Where do they go to purchase your products? What do they regularly do? How do they spend their time online? By answering these questions, and more that you can think of, you are building a persona of your target customer.
  2. Once you have identified if they spend their afternoons on Facebook, or they always find you by searching on Google, then you know where you can start to place your business. On those paths!
  3. Look up additional guides, or give us a call and we can help you with further steps of internet marketing.

Of course, these are just the start of Internet Marketing, and there are many other different paths that you should take, depending on your business and it’s business model.

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    trying to enrol on the email marketing course, in which it will enable me to start up my own webpage, having trouble logging in , it is the right password and would like to know how soon is the login available.


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