Marketers try their hardest to get traffic to the website, and the next big step is conversions. Getting a visitor to your website to a lead is often one of the most challenging parts of websites. The very best way to get those people to convert is Landing Pages!

You will learn about the following statements:

  • What is a landing page?
  • Landing Page use cases
  • Matching your landing page to your Ads

What is a landing page?

While it might be easy to categorize any pages that people land on as “landing pages”, I prefer to call landing pages those whom have two elements.

  1. Information about the product
  2. Has a form or a way to capture information

Landing pages don’t have distractions, miscellaneous information, multiple buttons and more. This is an important thing to learn about landing pages. Many of our customers think that by having buttons to even go back to their website, that they are helping their customers (in some cases, they might) but the cost outweighs the benefit. By eliminating distractions, you can increase conversions. One page, One Purpose.

The purpose of Landing Pages

Landing page purposes can be categorized many different ways, but we will identify only these two.

  1. Lead Generation landing pages

This has one message and one form. The form will obtain information (E-mail address, phone number, ect).

  1. Click-through landing pages

These pages “warm-up” your leads, and are used by ecommerce businesses.

Landing pages are different than the rest of your website. They are built for marketing-campaign specific traffic. By building landing pages, we can focus on that single goal and find the profitability of a specific campaign.

The Form

The form plays a key element on your landing pages. By selecting the information that is most important for you to make a sale, you can customize what the forms require and what fields people can fill out. The less fields, the better.

Landing Page Use Cases

Fantasy Novel: Badgerblood Awakening book standing on stone floor.

Looking For An Exciting Fantasy Adventure?

Meet your newest fandom.

Landing pages can be used just about anywhere. Here is a list of common uses for landing pages.

As a result of filling out the form, you will give the individual:

  • Free Estimates for service based work
  • Newsletters with tips for a general subject
  • Blog subscriptions for a website
  • Presentations from a company
  • Consultations for a product
  • Request for time by a professional
  • Reports for a specific industry

Matching Landing pages with Advertisements

A large mistake that most advertisers make with Adwords, Facebook and other online advertising platforms, is that they make great advertisements with low quality landing pages.

By doing this, you will quickly lose the interest in your visitor, as they will become impatient and confused.

Call-to-Action Landing page Headline
Bad Message Match 3 Room Carpet Cleaning for $99 Al’s Fantastic Carpet Cleaning
Good Message Match 3 Room Carpet Cleaning for $99 Get 3 Room Carpet Cleaning for $99 at Al’s Carpet Cleaning.

If your landing page matches your call-to-action from your advertisement, then your customers will feel confident in their choice.

Feel free to give us a call, and we will talk with you about your landing pages and how they are affecting your campaigns. If it’s too difficult or if you don’t have time, let us know, and we can help.

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