Importance of Home Page

The most important website content is your home page. It’s your first impression on your customers. Your home page should sum up your basic message and call-to-action through headlines and visual cues. The most important information should be front and center, impossible to miss. Make this information as big as possible. Visual cues should draw the user’s eyes naturally down the page so they know where to go and what to do next.

For example, look at Google’s Google my Business page:

website content - home page

Check out more great example of home pages here!

Their message is the first thing your eyes see due to the font size and position. The call-to-action is obvious. The call-to-action button is the brightest color on the page and is placed in the top right corner and again below the main message. They use the blue arrow icon in the middle near the bottom of the page to direct the user to learn more information.

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