This article has a free set of matching social media icons.  It also briefly explains the use of social media icons, why they’re used, and why it’s important to have a matching set.


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2 ways to add links to your social media

Your website is like a central hub for your online presence.  So its important link to your social media pages. There are 2 basic ways to do this text links or icons.

Text Links

Text links are a simple way to link to your social media pages.  Here’s an example…

Follow us: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest


However, most websites tend to use icons.  Why?  Icon read faster, take up less room, and are readily recognized by people that use them.

How Do I Get Social Media Icons?

You could grab various icons and stick them on your website.  The problem is, if they aren’t a matching set, they will look strange when put next to each other.  You’ll have mismatching sizes, differing styles, and a generally sloppy look.  So it’s important to use a matching set of icons.

Free Matching Set of Social Media Icons

To make things simple, I’ve created this set of common social media icons that you can download for free and use on your website.

To download individual icons, right-click and choose “Save Image As…”

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Yelp LinkedIn YouTube Vimeo Google Plus Etsy

Download All Icons (as a .zip file)


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    These icons will be helpful for our employees. I’ll make sure to pass this link around the office.

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