Can’t find your Google Place ID?  Most tutorials just tell you to search for your business on Google’s Place ID Finder, and assume you’ll find it.

But what if your business doesn’t show up?  It turns out this is a pretty common problem, yet hardly anyone ever addresses it.

This article will explain how to find your place ID number even if it doesn’t show up in the Place ID Finder.

Sound good?  If so, read on…

The Standard (somewhat unreliable) Method…

So, a quick recap…

The standard way to find your Google Places ID is to go to and search for your company name.  (There are plenty of articles that cover this.)

But sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Sometimes your company won’t show up in the search above.  Whether it’s a problem with Google’s database, or something else is hard to say.  But one thing is clear: it’s frustrating.

I came across this problem today after trying to add a link to Google Reviews for one of our clients.

The Solution

After reading on several forums, I didn’t find any clear answers.   So I decided to do some investigating on my own.  I took a business that I already knew the ID for, and checked the source code to see if the ID existed anywhere in the Google Search Results page.

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After looking around, under the hood, I found a solution.

As far as I know, this isn’t documented anywhere, but it’s a great little trick if you can’t find your Place ID with the standard method.  It’s slightly tricky, but if you follow the instructions, you should have your Place ID in the next couple of minutes!

How To Find Any Google Place ID…

1.  Search for your business on Google.

screenshot of someone right-clicking the review button and highlighting Inspect Element.

Right-click to Inspect the “Write A Review” button.

2. Inspect the “Write a Review” button.  To do this in Firefox, right-click and choose “Inspect Element“.  In Chrome, right-click and choose “Inspect“. (Most browsers follow a similar process.)

screenshot illustarating how to right-click and bring up the developer tools.

The developer tools will reveal that which is hidden.

3. Find “data-pid” as shown above. (This part is a little tricky, but just look inside the <a> tag until you find data-pid=).

screenshot of a browser's developer tools pointing out where you can find the PID.

The data-pid (outlined in red) is what you are looking for…

4. Copy the characters within the quotes (as shown above).

You now have your google Places ID.  Paste this somewhere you can easily find it.

* * *

How to Use Your Google Places ID

With your Google Places ID, you can make links to your Google reviews (or let people write their own reviews).

Link To Existing Reviews

If you want to link directly to your Google Reviews, paste your Google Places ID at the end of the following URL…

Here’s an example of how it should look….

screenshot from Google showing reviews for a company.

The link will take you to the Google search results where they can read your reviews.

Let People Write A Review

If you want a link that allows people to write a review,
paste your Google ID after the following URL…

Here’s an example of how it should look…

screenshot showing the Rate and Review box.

The link will take you to the search results. Then a pop-up will appear so they can write a review.

As long as Google doesn’t drastically change the way their buttons work, this will be an effective to obtain your Place ID for the foreseeable future.

What about Facebook?
Read my article “How to get the correct links for Facebook Reviews”.

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Tell us your thoughts…
Was this article useful?  Did this method work for you?  Let us know in the comments below…

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