Below is a comprehensive guide to categories in WooCommerce.

This tutorial goes into detail about Categories (and subcategories) in WooCommerce.   It also explains how to add products to those categories quickly and efficiently .


For those who just want a quick reminder, here’s the Reader’s Digest version…

Add a WooCommerce Category (in 3 steps)

a visual guide explaining how to add a category to woocommerce in one graphic.

  1. Go to Products > Categories
  2. Add a Category Name
  3. Add New Category

What About the Other Options?

The above instructions are the minimum requirement to make a category.  However, you can also add a Category Image, Description, and even a Parent Category.

I’ll explain all the options below.


Don’t worry about filling out the Slug.  It will automatically be generated from your Category’s name.

But what is it?

Fantasy Novel: Badgerblood Awakening book standing on stone floor.

Looking For An Exciting Fantasy Adventure?

Meet your newest fandom.

The slug is used in the URL.  If the category was named “Gel Pens” the URL might be:

Parent Category

If you want to make it a subcategory, pick a parent from the dropdown list.  This will make your category a subcategory of its parent.


This description text will appear at the top of your category page.  It allow you to write explanations or other details about the category.

Writing a detailed description can help you rank higher on search engines.

Display Type

This option only matters if your category has subcategories.  You can choose to show all products under a parent category or just it’s subcategories.

This should almost always be left at the default setting.

If you want to show subcategories, it is best to do this globally by going to…
Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog.  Then choose Category Display.


Sometimes you might show all your categories on the homepage or shop page.  When you do this, having images for each category becomes very useful.




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