Session Description

Email Marketing is reported as the second most effective online marketing tactic, the first being Search Engine Marketing. In this webinar you will learn the basics of Email Marketing. You will learn about list building, relationship building, and how to create conversions. Learn how to avoid spamming your customers. You will learn what Email Marketing really is, and what it isn’t. In this webinar you’ll learn how to effectively use a squeeze page. You will learn the differences between single opt-in and double opt-in. You will learn how to strategically use Auto Responders. You will learn how to create raving fans through Email Marketing.

Table of Contents

Video – Part 1

Introduction — Bruce Eckman — 0:27
About email marketing — 2:12
Permission marketing strategy — 4:30
The power of email marketing — 8:01
Email marketing is not SPAM — 8:43
Determining your target audience and their needs — 9:21

Video – Part 2

About SPAM — 0:19
Basic rules to avoid SPAM reports — 2:02
3 Keys to be successful: #1 List Building — 7:40
Offer something for free to get people to sign up — 10:40
Website sign-up form — 11:58
Email marketing is not SPAM — 8:43

Video – Part 3

Graphic squeeze page — 0:16
Text squeeze page — 1:35
2 types of permission marketing — 2:27
How to drive traffic — 5:55
Set up auto responder — 8:16
3 Keys to be successful: #2 Relationship Building — 10:24

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