Easy Advertising

Google Adwords Express is a website that allows you to set up an ad that will show up on Google’s front page. This easy advertising is so simple that it only takes about 15 minutes to set it up!

By creating an ad on Google, you will be able to create awareness quickly and stand out from the crowd. You decide how much you pay. You can set a budget, and Google will run your ad until your budget is used up. And best of all,  you only pay when customers visit your website or call you; so you’re only paying for results. Now, that’s easy advertising.

You can see your ad’s progress any time. Results will update automatically on your performance reports.

Get Started

To get started, click “Sign Up.”

easy advertising

It will then prompt you on the next page to pick the goal for your ad. Do you want people to call your business, visit your storefront, or take an action on your website?

easy advertising

Then, it will give you the option to include your target location. You can pick a specific city or region, or you can select a mile radius from a city.

easy advertising

After that, you can pick what language you want your ad to be in. Then you can type what product or service you want to promote in your ad. It will then give you extra keyword options to select.

easy advertising

Then, you can create your ad. Here’s an example:

easy advertising

The next step is to set your budget. You can move the circle along the budget line and see how many clicks on average you will generate.

easy advertising

Then, Google will give you a chance to review your ad settings that you created.

easy advertising

After that, you can type in your payment information on the next page.

It’s simple to set up. Try it out and see how far your ad can take you!


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  • Administrator says:

    That’s very helpful! I love that you added screenshots to illustrate the process.
    Any chance we could have a video tutorial about this too?

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