For many companies, one of the important marketing strategies is to create a strong visual identity. This is where company logos come into play. Your logo will be the face of your company. It will often be the first thing people see and a strong logo triggers their memory. That’s why it is important to create a logo that makes an impact.


Many people can easily identify companies because of their logo design stands out. Well, that’s the whole point of having a strong visual identity. If you are thinking of creating a logo to represent your company, here are some essential keys to a successful logo design.


Logo designs are made to be simple. A simple design can make a logo aesthetically easy to see and cleaner for consumers to retain and identify.  Choose a simple shape or diagram or something very obvious with the eye. Also, keep the number of colors to absolutely no more than three.

Worth Remembering

 This is the quality that makes your logo easy for people to recall. You definitely want everyone from all ages, ranges from old to young, to be able to identify your company and remember it. Make sure your logo design is easy to digest and stay in the minds of anyone who sees it for a few seconds. Simplicity usually makes a memorable logo, so keep your logo design simple and easy to remember.

Adding a little bit of incongruous effect into your logo can strike people’s memory too if they notice something unique about the design. Put a little something unexpected in your logo design to make it stand out.

Brand Consistency

 Your logo interacts with the consumer about your brand. Choose a design that perfectly fits your company’s overall message. Put a serious thought about how you want to convey your company’s overall message into your logo.

Timeless Design

Make sure your logo design is timeless. This simply means that your logo design will look good now and in the next years to come. Make a thorough research into the company and consider the company’s future and not just the current state. This will give you an idea of the logo design that will still look good in 10 to 20 years time. Avoid design elements that are based on the trend of the year.

Market Testing

 So how do you work out whether your logo is memorable? Do not just trust your gut when designing your logo. A good way to test various logo design is by testing people’s reaction to the logo. Get some independent feedback whether your logo is working for you.

You may also show your logos to someone you do not know for a few seconds on a sheet of paper. After viewing, ask them to draw out what they have seen. If the logo design is easily drawn out by the person who has just seen it, then you have done a great job of making your logo design memorable. VW Logo

Everyone has to identify your company’s visual identity and not just your target audience. Making sure that people of different ages can identify and recall your logo is really important and also good for your brand.

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