Choosing the Key-Words to target can often be difficult. It’s daunting, and sometimes people don’t search what you think they should. Choosing your keywords is a foundational process to make sure that you are capturing the business that you should. This should happen in the early stages of planning a website, as it will drive what content and what pages you make.

As a best practice, you should always assign one keyword per page. By trying to go for more than one keyword on a page, you are setting yourself up for failure. BTW, Keywords are almost synonymous with keyphrases. Keywords imply that there is just one word. In reality, there are probably strings of text that people are searching for.

So, where do you being with choosing keywords?

First, determine what your goals are for your website. If you haven’t decided what you want people to do with your website, you should decide that first. These goals will help navigate the sea of keywords that are before you.

Second, make sure that it is relevant to your website’s content. Make sure that people who search “personal chef” are finding information about a personal chef around them instead of how to be a personal chef. You can change what your website says on Google to make sure that people understand what they are getting into. For instance, if you did want to tell people about how to become a personal chef, your Page title should be “How to become a Personal Chef”

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