How Does a Blog Help Me?

When your small business is trying to make a splash in the internet world, two goals trump the rest: get people to your site and keep them there. Blogs can do both (keyword: can).


Getting People to Your Site

A blog can create more content for your site which will help with search engine optimization (ranking higher on Google searches).

Among a long list of other attributes that move you up and down the Google ranks, keyword usage has been a popular SEO tool. The idea is that if your site holds certain keywords that people are searching for, the site will come closer to the top. Say, if you have “Detroit florist” on one of your blog posts, you will hypothetically at the top of someone’s “Detroit florist” search on Google.

A blog can offer new keywords for new pages, reaching more and more people with every post. The more pages you have built out on your site, the more pages (found with keywords) can be on Google searches. Every blog post will result in an additional page being thrown into search engine results. That means you have more chances to reach the audience.

The easiest way to implement this idea on a WordPress site is using the ever reputable, easy to use, and popular plugin, Yoast. This will help you optimize your keywords for every blog post.

But it isn’t just keywords!

If you are adding photos or videos to your blog posts, this will also help boost search engine results. It’s also beneficial to have fresh content on your site for SEO purposes.

Even having your site linked to your social media accounts will boost the odds of someone finding you. So when each blog posts have sharing options, you’ll be boosting your rankings a bit.

It’s important to note that if your blog isn’t posted to often or isn’t optimized, your SEO isn’t going to see results. The asterisk to blogs helping SEO is if they are used correctly. This means they are often, they are unique (at least to your site), and they are optimized for SEO results. This, at least with the Yoast plugin, is not that hard!


Keeping People On Your Site

Another reason for blogging is for the content: the words that people will be reading from your blog posts.

If you want to keep people on your website, blogs can be a great way to not only keep people interested in the content you are producing, but if it’s good enough, they will come back to read more. Interesting content = an interested audience.

Blog posts are not the place for static information like your pricing, services, your contact page or another staple of your site. Instead, writing how-to-guides, commentary on news, or company updates would be good blog content. You don’t need to become a “blogger” to offer interesting, often-updated content!


So… Do I Need One?

Businesses that don’t have a lot of updates or even good how-to-guide content can find it hard to come up with enough content for a blog. For example, if you are a florist, finding content might be a little difficult, if not completely daunting. This would also mean you spend more time, more money, and more manpower on something that doesn’t give you a huge payout right away (or maybe at all).

The ultimate choice is up to you, depending on your business type, the time and talent you have in your company, and how much you are willing to invest in it. Blogging isn’t an easy fix, a quick aspect to your website, and isn’t sure to yield results.

The general consensus is that a blog is recommended, even for a small business. But, how many of the businesses that you actually find on Google have blogs? Their success can’t be traced purely back to the fact that they write posts every once and a while. You can definitely succeed without a blog. But it may just be easier with one.


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