Here are 5 tips from Brian Dean that will help you get to the top of the search results on YouTube.  Looking for some more basic instructions? Read Easy Ways To Optimize Your YouTube Videos For Better Results

#1 Longer Videos

Longer videos tend to do better.  Why?  Because one of the most important video ranking factors is “Total Video Watch Time”.  The more total minutes that people watch your video, the higher your ranking will be in the search results.

#2 Master The Hook

Long boring video’s aren’t going to cut it.  You have to keep people’s attention.  YouTube recommends working on the first 15 seconds of your video to maximize watch time.  If you can hook someone in the first 15 seconds, they are much more likely to watch your video to the end.

PPP Formula


“Preview” What Your Video Is All About

Explain what your video is about, but keep it concise.  For example “In this video I’m going to explain how to build a WordPress site and sell things online.”

“Proof” That You Know What You’re Talking About

You might mention that you’ve already accomplished what the viewer wants to do.  That you have lots of experience in your field.  “These are the same tips I used to make a successful website”

“Preview Again” (But with more detail)

Give them more of a preview.  This is where you further entice the viewer by explaining how many tips you’re going to share, sharing a case success story, or explain that you’re going to share something “new”.  This will make your customer curious and want to keep watching.

#3 Include Your Keyword In Your Title

Putting your keywords repeatedly throughout your video’s description isn’t going to do much, but having the keywords is still important.

Put your keyword ONCE in your title (preferably near the beginning of the title).

#4 Say Your Keyword In Your Video

Google and YouTube can actually listen to your videos.  If you use the keyword in you title, but don’t actually say these words in your video, YouTube will be suspicious and probably won’t rank you.

#5 User Interaction Signals

Getting people watch, subscribe, like, and comment on your video, the higher it will rank on YouTube.

How To Encourage People To Interact

A simple annotation saying “Enjoying This Video? Give it a like :)” can significantly boost the amount of like it receives.

#6 Optimize For Click-Though-Rates

If more people are clicking on your videos, you’ll get a ranking boost.  So it’s important to maximize your click-through rate.


Make a custom thumbnail that looks different from the other top videos.  Look at your competitors.  Notice what colors they’re using.  Use a different color scheme.

Video Title

An emotionally compelling Title will encourage people to click on your video.  “10 SEO ranking factors you MUST master in 2017 (and beyond)” Is a good example.

You might consider adding the current year in your title so people know it’s up-to-date.

Video Description

Write something compelling in the first few lines of your description.  Most people put a link to their website at the beginning of the description and that’s a mistake, because seeing a URL for a website simply isn’t enticing.


This information came from a video by Brian Dean.  He has some fantastic articles and videos about Marketing and SEO.



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