Why is an About Page Important?

The about page shows credibility and trustworthiness. This is an opportunity to share your message and values within the website content. This page is all about connecting with the potential customer and building trust. Be transparent and honest. Don’t forget to add some humor or wit if possible. This helps users (especially the up and coming generation) to see that there are real people behind the corporate face.

What to Include in an About Page

about pageYou should also give a brief history of the company’s history and most importantly, it’s success. Include customer testimonials and reviews here as well in order to give users “evidence” of your success. Include facts about company awards, credentials, and badges. For example, a food company might show their “Top Food Top Service” award. An SEO company may show their “Google Partner” badge or their “Accredited Business” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Although there may be a lot of important information to show, remember to keep it short and simple to read. Create visuals for your facts, if possible, so that the user can quickly see that they can trust your company. Don’t forget to show employment opportunities if applicable.

Modern Examples

Here’s some links to some great examples of an About Us Page from large successful companies:

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