Are you looking to build a website for yourself, your company or a new business venture? This guide will help you come to understand the steps to making a successful website available for the public to see.

There are 3 steps to publishing a successful website:

  1. Choosing a website content management system.
  2. Choosing a domain name and where to host it.
  3. Setting up and managing your website.

Step 1: Choosing a website content management system.

Assuming you have already decided what the purpose of your website is, you will want to choose a content management system that will best suit your needs.

Most people, these days, don’t need to understand coding or design. They can pick a free template build on one of these Content Management Systems (CMS) which will make getting your website online simple and easy.

27.3% of all websites on the internet use WordPress, Followed by 3.4% with Joomla and 4.8% With Drupal. Source 

We suggest using WordPress for a majority of websites and here is why:

  1. WordPress has a massive developer community and support
  2. Nearly all WordPress Themes are Responsive (they will work on Phones & Tablets).
  3. Great for Heavy & Light Traffic Websites with many or few pages.
  4. Beginner Friendly
  5. Totally Free

How to choose a Content Management System

WordPress was built originally as a blogging system. Meaning that it’s strongly suited for blogs or websites that update their content on a steady basis. This website is built on WordPress and can offer a pretty good example of what can be accomplished on that CMS.

Assuming that you want to continue doing this on your own, take a look at the next steps to know how to get a website domain and then installing a CMS to your hosting server.

Need help with this step? Call one of EZ-NetTools’ experts: (800) 627-4780

Step 2: Choosing a Domain Name and Where to Host it.

Choosing a domain name can be a difficult process. There seems to be an endless supply of variables, yet so many great domain names are taken up. Recently, the reigns of the internet were given to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit, California based organization.

In seeking to free up more real-estate, they started to give control of top level domains (think .com or .org) to other people. For instance, the domain .xyz was purchased by a company called XYZ. They are seeking to sell great domain names to people who can’t get their “” domain name. Instead, they offer “” to regular people.

We would suggest trying your best to getting .com websites with .org and .net following closely thereafter. However, .org are very closely associated with organizations, instead of businesses. If you can’t find what you are looking for, all other top level domain names can work.

So, shop around! We suggest going to, a company that we work closely with, to purchase domain names. Search a domain name that will relate to what you offer. See our guide on how to pick a great domain name here.

Here are 8 steps to choosing a great domain name. Source.

  1. Make it Brandable
  2. Make it Pronounceable
  3. Make it as short as you can
  4. Bias to .com
  5. Avoid Trademark Infringing
  6. Domain Name Intuitive
  7. Use Broad Keywords if possible

Where to host your website:

Sure, it can be tempting to host your website in New Zealand, where hosting can be a couple dollars a month cheaper, but keep in mind your target customer. If they are based in the United States, we would suggest hosting it within the United States. Also, consider what hosting services could help you skip the tedious task of installing WordPress.

Your customer has to request data from wherever you are hosting it. The closer they are, the quicker the load time. But, don’t worry too much about this, just make sure it is on the half of the hemisphere you are.

EZ-NetTools hosts its own websites in the United States and has competitively low prices with class leading technology and redundancy.

Step 3: Setting Up and Managing your Website

You have made it to the last step! Now, to pull all the pieces together. If you decided to host your website with EZ-NetTools, we can do a 1 click WordPress install, and you could skip all of the following steps. Also available from WordPress itself.

  1. Download WordPress here:
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop and unzip it to the folder.
  3. Find the file named wp-config-sample.php and rename it to wp-config.php
  4. Open wp-config.php in notepad and fill in the lines:
    1. define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’); – Database name (if you don’t know it, ask this from your hosting support)
    2. define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’); – Your hosting username
    3. define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’); – Your hosting password
  5. Save the file
  6. Log into your hosting FTP (File Transfer Protocol, download Filezilla to do so). Typically the FTP address is (for example Then, use the username and password that you used to register your hosting.
  7. If there is a file named “Index” – delete it. Then, upload all files from the WordPress folder to the FTP server.
  8. Go to the URL:
  9. Complete the form and install!
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