Back in 2012, Google allowed users to publish anonymous reviews. All people who leave reviews on Google’s platform are required to have a Google account (not necessarily a Gmail account mind you). Back then, Google gave an option to leave your reviews anonymous, but recently those anonymous reviews have been creeping back up.

Google User Anonymous Reviews

Google User Screenshot showing Anonymous Google Reviews.

While they still have the reviews from 2012 showing as anonymous, these new reviews are popping up as anonymous users because the accounts have been deleted. While it may be true that there are legitimate accounts that are being deleted, it seems that more and more companies are publishing fake reviews.

They follow this simple process:

  1. Creating a burner Google account
  2. Publishing a review to their own Google Profile
  3. Deleting the Google Account
  4. Repeating the Process over an extended period of time

Have you seen this happening to your competitors or is there some other explanation? Let us know in the comments below.

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