Email Marketing: Dead or Alive?

We live in a generation where everything is changing–and fast. Technology is growing and developing constantly. The Internet becomes more powerful each day. Email is “old news” in this ever rapidly changing world of technology. It has been around for 40 years! It may seem old compared to Instagram, but it is still very much alive!

Let’s Look at the Facts

There are 2.9 billion email users in the world. That’s twice the amount of total users of Facebook, 4 times more than the total users of Instagram, and 9 times more than the total users of Twitter!

Many marketers today are so focused on keeping up with tomorrow’s way of reaching consumers that they forget to go back to the basics. Some simply assume that no one uses email anymore. Or they give up because they tried but it didn’t work.

However, according to Kissmetrics Blog, “Smart marketers consider email not just essential to their business efforts, but foundational to their marketing and sales systems.”

Email vs. Social Media

Contacting consumers through e-mail can be more effective than social media. Unlike social media, email reaches people of all ages. In the United States there are approximately 222 million social media users over the age of 18. Adults aging from 18-49 primarily make up this population.

From solely marketing through social media, you are losing the majority of the elder generations. And if you’re only marketing through social media anyways, you are losing the potential of marketing to approximately 2.7 billion more consumers!

Email Catches Your Customers’ Attention

Although many consumers use social media, you cannot ensure that all of them will see your post. If you send each potential customer an email however, all of them will see your message. Also, most people go on social media to chat and socialize; they aren’t generally in the purchasing mindset.

When consumers check their emails however, they know they are going to receive a variety of sales emails. They are already in the potential buyer mindset and expect advertisements. They may even purposely look through their emails for good deals.

In fact, studies show that consumers actually prefer to be contacted by companies through email. According to Marketing Sherpa, approximately 70% of all people from the age of 18 and up prefer companies to communicate with them through e-mail, while only about 16% of consumers prefer to be contacted through social media.

Expand Your Marketing

If you haven’t already, find a way to gather your customers emails to expand your marketing audience. Imagine how much your customer database could grow after asking every customer! Try it out and watch your business grow to new heights.


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