No More Support For Google My Business?

This morning I overheard our resident SEO specialist expressing her frustration that Google seems to have closed their call centers.  Until a few weeks ago, she had been able to click a button and have Google give her a call.

But a few weeks ago that button had disappeared.

Call Centers Closed?

Furthermore, the last communication she had with one of the Google reps mentioned something about their call centers closing.  This was frustrating, as she she could no longer talk to anyone about the issues she was experiencing with some of her Google My Business accounts she was managing.

Curious, I decided to do a little research.

To my surprise, I couldn’t find any news stories or articles mentioning a major call center closure at Google.  Surely, something as far-reaching as Google suddenly closing all it’s call centers couldn’t have gone unnoticed on the internet?  So I kept searching…

What I Discovered

After some continued searching, I came across a Forum Post titled Can’t Reach Google My Business. where I found some useful information.

There, a forum member asked…


I have a problem in the past two weeks – I used to ask Google my Business to call me back, or to start a conversation by chat via the business page of an establishment, but I can’t do that anymore….

Does someone know what’s going on, if it’s temporary, or is it a new policy ?

This sounded a lot like the problem our specialist was experiencing.

Thankfully, a top contributor named James had replied with some useful information.

How To Contact Google My Business

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The contributor said you can still contact Google through the following…

Talk to a specialist – phone



That first link was exactly what I was looking for!  A form to fill out and have Google call you back!

So, Does It Work?

I sent the link to my co-worker and had her try it.

She filled out the form, and a representative called her back within a couple of minutes!  This was a huge relief to her, and she was able to resolve some long-standing issues.

Writing This Post

I figured our resident specialist probably wasn’t the only person facing this confusion.  After all, the button had been moved from its original location.

Writing this post could potentially help other concerned specialist and business owners, plus give us an easy-to-find reference, to find the link.

If you’ve been having trouble getting in touch with Google, take heart!  Click the link below, and talk to a google rep today!

Talk to a Google My Business Specialist

So, what do you think?  Have you experienced the same problems?  Share your thoughts in the comments below…


  • Robert Skinner says:

    I can’t contact them. They have a business listed as ours and they have our phone number connected to it. there is no such business. It is ruining the actual business we do have. It is using our number for that non existent business.

    • Julie says:

      Same thing is happening to us! And we can’t report it through the website because the URL to the business is a google business website. So we have no way to report it!
      Did you have any luck?

  • Oleg Gritsev says:

    Very useful article. I made everything what i need. My account was suspended and google not wanted to talk to me. Now i punish them ! Thank you for your help.

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