Here’s a handy resource for any web developer…

jQuery has long been a valuable tool for writing cross-browser javascript for webpages.  But as browsers improve its become less necessary.

But vanilla JavaScript can be a bit more cumbersome to write.  It’s easy to forget… “How to I select multiple elements?” or “how do I add a class?” in vanilla JavaScript.

Well, I just found a handy new resource called the Cheat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript that explains how to do common jquery tasks in plain ol’ JavaScript.

Here’s a screen grab…

screenshot from the article 'heat sheet for moving from jQuery to vanilla JavaScript'.

The article has useful examples like “Selecting Elements”, “Events”, “adding CSS”, “waiting for the document to load”, and more!


I figured this would be a useful resource for myself, so I put together this quick article as a reference for the future.  If it helps anyone else, that’s just a bonus!


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