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Internet Businesses - Three Keys to Online Success!

Session Description

“Three Keys to Success” covers three Internet essentials, to put it bluntly, make the difference between failure and success. Those elements apply to every site in every business, from selling products to generating leads to enlisting subscribers, and they work for everything from household names like Amazon to the smallest site on the Web.

This Internet marketing training explains the progression of steps that successful sites must implement, from creating a great site, to driving traffic to that site, to conversions, the all-important task of turning visitors into customers. What makes a site effective? What parts of the site need special handling? How can you increase the number of visitors? What is the best way to work with search companies like Google? Once they find you, what moves your visitors to take action? What gets in their way? How do you send your customers the right message?

Failed websites all have something in common: They universally ignore the three keys. Successful sites, on the other hand, find ways to use those keys. For anyone doing business on the Internet, this presentation, drawing on years of work with thousands of websites, gives you the real tools that make a real difference.

Table of Contents

Video - Part 1

Introduction -- Bruce Eckman -- 0:22
Critical keys to Internet success -- 0:55
Key 1: Build A Great Website -- 3:52
Short introduction of Launch2Success Training Program -- 7:23
Key 2: Drive Website Traffic -- 8:04

Video - Part 2

Key 2: Drive Website Traffic (continuation) -- 0:16
The role of SEO in driving traffic to your website -- 1:00
Build content rich website -- 2:20
Launch2Success Training Program -- 3:35
Key 3: Increase Conversion -- 4:26
The power of EZ-NetTools -- 9:33
Quick review of the critical keys to Internet business success -- 10:08

Video - Part 3

Start of Q&A portion -- 0:16
Examples of conversions for websites -- 1:21
Finding the Lauch2Success training program -- 8:00